Satellite TT&C

Satellite TT&C, or telemetry, tracking and control subsystems, is the name for the communication processes designed to link satellites in the air and manned facilities on the ground.

This important process is the only way to observe and control the satellite, or other unmanned aircraft, from the ground. All satellites requires this type of software, regardless of their mission, design, or application.

Through collecting data about satellite operations, the software works to ensure that the mission goes as planned, and that the satellite continues to function correctly until the job is done.

Satellite TT&C functions are designed to do three main things: monitor the condition and status of the satellite (telemetry); track the satellite’s location through the transmission of ranging signals (tracking); and lastly, control the satellite either automatically or manually using transmitted commands from the ground (command).

Braxton Technologies offers a comprehensive satellite TT&C software product suite that provides tracking and commanding capabilities; data processing; logging for telemetry functions; vehicle commanding, status reporting and more. Other features include a satellite system simulation feature that is useful for testing and training purposes.

Our ControlPoint software provides comprehensive command, control, and telemetry capabilities for satellites, in addition to weapons systems. This software works with our Command Plan Builder to create and execute mission plans, either automatically or manually.

These products can be delivered and deployed in the method that best suits the specific needs of your company or mission. Our control systems are designed to follow an open source software standard, mean our products can be rapidly and effectively integrated into large-scale systems.

Braxton also offers rapid prototyping services for missions and applications that require unique software or software, or products that are not currently on the market.

For more information about any of our products, visit our products page or call us at 719-219-7460.


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