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Universal Command and Control (AceUC2)

Braxton’s Advanced Control Equipment (ACE) Premier™ Universal Command and Control (AceUC2) is a web based Command and Control (C2) system implemented on open source technologies providing integration of disparate data sources into a single visual display. AceUC2 provides flexibility to tailor the security posture by deploying multiple cyber security layers protecting valuable trusted networks from untrusted networks and insider threats.

AceUC2 provides autonomous data dissemination among all networks in support of modern military, intelligence, emergency management, and law enforcement operations dependent on timely access to information. Our multilayered cyber security is built on the proven protocols, hardware, and software solutions in use within numerous governments, banking, and other commercial networks. AceUC2 has a robust resource management, scheduling and simulation capability, while providing a Mission Unique Plugin (MUP) framework that allows for custom processing of the mission data. Finally, AceUC2 has an integrated Common Operating Picture (COP) web application that provides the user with configuration, control, and views of mission data feeds offering the operator optimal situational awareness.


  • Architecture implemented with open source software and technologies
  • Security and Information Assurance designed into the system up front, not added as an afterthought
  • Architecturally designed for extensibility and scalability
  • Provides a built in simulation capability
  • Provides a built in Resource Scheduling and Optimization capability


  • Avoids vendor lock-in and expensive software licensing
  • Enhances your security posture, while lowering deployment and maintenance costs
  • Accommodates tailoring to evolving requirements without costly customization
  • Allows the user to train on the operational system, facilitating a “Train as you fight” approach
  • Allows mission planners to allocate resources as efficiently as possible


Common Operating Picture and Control Web Server applications operate on standard internet browsers.

Delivers security in-depth with multiple cyber security layers employing specific protocols, software, and hardware to protect your network from untrusted networks.

All interfaces support Community of Interest (COI) and Classification labeling.

Data is autonomously disseminated amongst security domains or levels of classification.

The database is deployed with label security.

AceUC2 provides an out of the box capability to configuration manage resources similar to Tagging, Tracking, and Location (TTL) devices.

The Mission Management segment provides a resource scheduling optimization capability used to allocate resources.

The Transport Segment provides the endpoints and proxies to support all required protocols to process mission data.

Plug-in architecture facilitates extensibility of mission unique capabilities and interfaces.

The system can be deployed to any modern operating system.

Provides a built in simulation capability providing “real-world” signal inputs used for development, testing and training scenarios.

Supports Alarms, Warnings, Errors, and Event notifications to the operator or appropriate end user.

Provides the capability to manage resource encryption keys and algorithms.

Provides processing of the data prior to delivery to the final customer.

Download Braxton's AceUC2 Brochure