Intelligent Resource Optimizer (AceIRO)

Braxton’s Advanced Control Equipment (ACE) PremierTM Intelligent Resource Optimizer (AceIRO) is a powerful and versatile Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software solution offering our customers the most efficient allocation of your scarce and highly contested resources. The power comes from our deployment of a Multi-Objective Resource Optimization using a Genetic Algorithm, ensuring you take full advantage of your resource availability by optimizing the resource allocation using a validated approach that mimics the process of natural selection or “survival of the fittest.” We integrate our implementation of the Genetic Algorithm to our Resource Domain Translator (RDT), providing you the versatility needed to create your domain’s resource structure to the lowest schedulable asset, to define the operational tasks to which you allocate your resource to account for all constraints for each resource and task, and to allow for generating of the demand the users placed on the resources. The resulting “optimized solution” is a product of our “engine” optimizing the multiple Objective Functions you define that make sense to your unique business or operation. AceIRO allows you to select multiple objectives, including seemingly conflicting objectives such as “maximizing productivity” while “minimizing costs.”