Intelligent Resource Optimizer (AceIRO)

Braxton’s Advanced Control Equipment (ACE) PremierTM product suite includes ACE Intelligent Resource Optimizer (AceIRO), which provides enterprise-class scheduling and optimization of resources.  AceIRO is hosted within a flexible, distributed product architecture, shares real-time data through an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), and is centrally controlled by a Master Scheduling Node with an unlimited number of Remote Scheduling Nodes.  AceIRO, through the ESB, accommodates customer scheduling requests, data updates, status feeds, event-based processing, and distributes real-time situational awareness.  AceIRO is fully configurable enabling owners to define domain resources, tasks, constraints, and rulesets, without any changes to the software.  AceIRO has machine-to-machine interfaces and communicates with Government and Commercial network scheduling systems.