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ACE Premier™ Family of Products

Braxton custom command and control products range as far as your imagination! We can design a system from the ground up, customize our ACE Premier™ product suite, or rapidly prototype a proof of concept software implementation. We are delighted to go over your requirements with you, and to propose a solution that is uniquely tailored to your needs.  Our product line includes the hardware and software components necessary for complete ground system implementation, from front-end communications processors and crypto controllers to user workstations. These products are delivered to you by the method or methods that best suit your needs, including rapid prototyping, commercial off-the-shelf, integrated subsystem, or turn-key system. Our architecture follows an open standard, which allows our products to rapidly integrate into large-scale systems.

Telemetry, Tracking & Commanding

Braxton’s ControlPoint™ (AceCP) is an Automated Space Vehicle and Ground Station Command and Control (C2) application with a “plug-in” architecture which provides nearly lights-out Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding (TT&C) operations.

Braxton’s Flight Dynamics System (AceFDS) is a powerful and versatile software toolset providing full-lifecycle flight dynamics capabilities.

Space Vehicle and Group Simulation 

AceSIM is an open architecture, commercial product offering a highly customizable, physics-based modeling framework used to support system design, development, integration, test, training and rehearsals.

Universal Command and Control (AceUC2)

Braxton’s ACE Premier™ Universal Command and Control (AceUC2) is a web based Command and Control (C2) system implemented on open source technologies providing integration of disparate data sources into a single visual display.

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