ACE Premier™ Family of Products

Braxton’s products include the hardware and software components necessary for complete satellite ground system implementation, including command and control, scheduling and resource optimization, flight dynamics and mission planning, situational awareness, factory compatibility testing, front-end communications processors, crypto integration and controllers, and spacecraft and ground simulation – everything to outfit an entire Satellite Operations Center. These products can be delivered through commercial off-the-shelf point solutions with mission-unique plug-ins, or as a turn-key system. Braxton’s product architecture follows an open standard that allows rapid integration into large-scale enterprises.

  • Satellite TT&C
  • Ground and Space Vehicle Simulation
  • Enterprise Level Scheduling and Resource Optimization
  • Flight Dynamics & Mission Planning
  • Fleet View Situational Awareness
  • Factory Compatibility Tester
  • Front End Processors
  • Small Sat Solutions

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Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding (TT&C) ControlPoint™ (AceCP)

Braxton’s ControlPoint™ (AceCP) is an Automated Space Vehicle and Ground Station Command and Control (C2) application with a "plug-in" architecture which provides nearly lights-out Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding (TT&C) operations. As an integrated package, ControlPoint™ offers a turnkey TT&C solution combined with automation of common tasks to reduce workloads, minimize errors, and streamline mission operations.


Real-Time Space Vehicle and Ground Simulator (AceSIM)

AceSIM is an open architecture, commercial product offering a highly customizable, physics-based modeling framework used to support system design, development, integration, test, training and rehearsals. AceSIM offers rapid deployment capabilities providing basic satellite Command and Telemetry within weeks, not months, enabling earlier development of ground, Bus, and Payload Systems. AceSIM’s Subsystem Models supplement “FlatSat” components reducing the demand on scarce hardware resources during Integration & Test Cycles. AceSIM integrates Payload & Bus Flight Software enabling training of operators early in the lifecycle and checkout of procedures before acceptance tests. A fully-modeled spacecraft ensures readiness for rehearsals and upcoming launch. AceSIM scales as the system’s requirements scale shortening Deployment Cycles, Accelerating Systems Integration, and Reducing Development and Operational Risks.


ACE Intelligent Resource Optimizer (AceIRO)

Braxton’s Advanced Control Equipment (ACE) Premier™ product suite includes ACE Intelligent Resource Optimizer (AceIRO), which provides enterprise-class scheduling and optimization of resources. AceIRO is fully configurable enabling owners to define domain resources, tasks, constraints, and rulesets, without any changes to the software. AceIRO has machine-to-machine interfaces and communicates with Government and Commercial network scheduling systems.


ACE Flight Dynamics System (AceFDS)

Braxton’s Flight Dynamics System (AceFDS) is a powerful and versatile software toolset providing full-lifecycle flight dynamics capabilities. FDS adds value to your flight dynamics requirements throughout any phase of the mission from Launch through Disposal and seamlessly accommodates the internal mission design cycles from Estimation, Prediction, Maneuver Targeting, Calibration, and Reconstruction


ACE Factory Compatibility Tester (AceFCT)

Braxton’s Advanced Control Equipment (ACE) Premier™ product suite includes ACE Factory Compatibility Tester (AceFCT), providing a cost-efficient, portable and rapid means to conduct Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) and Commercial Augmentation Services (CAS) network compatibility testing prior to satellite launch, therefore reducing the risk of incompatibility prior to launch and potential on-orbit failures.


ACE Fleet Level Situational Awareness Toolkit (AceFLT)

AceFLT provides web-based, near-real time Situational Awareness (SA) of space assets and also queries and exports historical data used for trending. At its core, AceFLT monitors assets via multiple channels to provide users with pertinent engineering data and metadata associated with space vehicle status. Users interact via a web client interfaces to the back-end servers, providing roll-up SA for all monitored assets.


ACE Front End Processors (AceFEP)

Braxton’s Advanced Control Equipment (ACE) Premier™ product suite includes ACE Front End Processors (AceFEP) for both red and black side operations. ACE Command, Control, and Tracking (AceCCT) performs black-side processing. ACE Command Conversion, Telemetry Front End, and Key Generator Controller (Ace CTK) performs red-side processing including control and status, ARTS emulation, conversion formatting, and antenna slave angle generation. AceFEPs can be used in any Telemetry, Tracking & Commanding (TT&C) system and are offered as either serial hardware or virtualized software options.


ACE Premier™ Powered Services (SpaceAPPS™)

With SpaceAPPS™, Braxton brings to the Small Satellite community satellite ground capabilities that have been developed over the past 20 years, combined with modern implementation techniques and adapting our traditional offerings to specifically meet the constrained budgets challenging the community. Ground operations support functions are usually an “afterthought” as most Small Satellite operators focus on the space segment and the data, not the day-to-day command and control issues. To ensure a complete solution, Braxton works with each operator to address their specific requirements. Perhaps you need only one of our services; perhaps you need all our services. Whatever the situation, “You focus on the mission data, we’ll handle the rest”.


Services by Braxton

Braxton Technologies Services is committed to driving growth through sustained excellence in the 4 Ps.


Exceed customer expectations by delivering the highest quality services


Our team’s expertise, experience and knowledge provide the best products and services for our customers

Products and Services

Braxton’s software and services are prominent in many government programs


We understand a customer’s requirements and deliver a final solution by executing as one team using a disciplined approach

Braxton has extensive experience across the federal government, including the Air Force, the Naval Research Laboratory, the National Reconnaissance Office, and Sandia National Laboratories. We deliver cost-effective, quality services throughout a project’s lifecycle, driven by our complete understanding of our customer’s requirements. This ability to connect requirements and needs to an operational capability means we maintain a top-notch reputation across the Department of Defense.


Our array of services includes:

Systems Engineering Braxton Systems Engineering is foundational to our customers’ success. Our experts understand and execute a robust systems engineering process. From translating and mapping operational missional needs into requirements, to developing the system architecture, to the implementation and management of the system interfaces and associated baselines, we maximize a customer’s ROI by reducing cost and schedule risk while deploying the best operational solution.


Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Braxton’s Information Assurance and Cybersecurity expertise ensure our customers the network and information security vital in today’s technology enterprises. Information can be the greatest source of military power and great advantage is gained when information is both timely and accurate. Braxton ‘s Information Assurance and Cybersecurity processes and technologies are perfectly executed to ensure our customers receive a fully architected, secured and compliant solution.


Systems Architecture Braxton’s Systems Architecture expertise enables clear transition of requirements to a logical representation before being translated into a physical architecture. Braxton’s extensive experience includes delivery of enterprise and systems architecture services to government, commercial and civil organizations.


Software Development Braxton provides expert Software Development services for some of the world’s largest and most complex command and control programs. Organizations have leveraged our expertise to build, enhance, sustain and support software, hardware and applications required for mission success. Our expertise includes developed solutions for C2 systems, cross-domain data dissemination, network and application monitoring & recovery, secure communications, highly resilient architectures, and network security.

Our proficiency with software technology encompasses all major software development platforms for application and systems development, including: Java/J2EE/JavaScript; C/C++; XML; SOAP; LDAP; Enterprise Message Bus (ESB); Internet Communications Engine (Ice); and QT, as well as major development platforms for web-based deployment, mobile, cloud, business intelligence, and test automation solutions.


Project and Program Management Braxton’s exceptional Project and Program Management skills mean our customers manage their projects effectively and cost efficiently, based on their strategic goals. We help customers align their projects based on their strategic priorities, stay on track with a validated project plan, manage to the plan, and deliver to the plan.