Braxton Headquarters

May 2020


Colorado Springs, CO., May 28, 2020—Headquartered on Catalyst Campus in Colorado Springs, CO., Braxton Technologies continues to experience rapid growth despite Pandemic conditions.  Braxton has moved non-essential operations offsite due to COVID-19 concerns but has successfully onboarded 39 new employees since the start of year and anticipates additional recruits through the end of the year.  Braxton’s growth has required the acquisition of an additional office suite that is finished and ready to populate once pandemic conditions end.  The new suite embraces elements of innovation and space design and adds a contemporary flare to Downtown Colorado Springs.  The suite has space for 49 permanent desks and has 7 touch-down desks to accommodate employees that may flex between Braxton’s four downtown office locations.   Braxton is proud to stimulate the local Colorado Springs economy by providing jobs in Engineering, Finance, Accounting, and Corporate Services.