August 2018

Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) is an initiative of the Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) to standardize the operations of their Space Mission Enterprise within a modular open systems architecture.  EGS consists of infrastructure, services, and standards used by AFSPC Programs to evolve stove-piped ground components into a common Enterprise Ground enabled set of Satellite Operations Centers.

EGS is split between core capabilities that are shared throughout the Space Mission Enterprise and Mission Unique Solutions that use those core capabilities.  The core capabilities within EGS are predominantly managed by the NRL’s Government product, Neptune Ground Resource Manager (GRM). Neptune software is maintained by Braxton’s sister company, Space Ground System Solutions, Inc. (SGSS).  Mission unique capabilities include satellite telemetry, tracking & commanding (TT&C), mission planning, and flight dynamics. 

Braxton works with the Government and other partners to deliver the EGS Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and mission unique capabilities for all new satellite programs.  This includes  Front End Processors, Simulation, and Optimization.  Braxton is procuring, assembling, integrating, and delivering operational EGS infrastructure, leveraging our rich spacecraft ground system heritage and in-depth knowledge with both Neptune and COTS products.  This combined offering enables Braxton to accelerate delivery of enterprise class ground solutions at a fraction of the cost.