August 2017

Braxton Science & Technology Group (BSTG), the parent company of Braxton Technologies LLC, has acquired Chantilly, VA-based Ingenicomm, Inc.   This purchase expands the capabilities of the BSTG portfolio to now include ground system electronics and engineering.  Ingenicomm is a leading provider of ground and range equipment and enterprise engineering services for civil, commercial, defense and intelligence aerospace programs, supporting missions operated by a majority of domestic and international space agencies.  Ingenicomm equipment is deployed on every continent, including Antarctica.

BSTG now consists of three wholly owned subsidiaries:  Braxton Technologies LLC, Space Ground System Solutions, Inc. (SGSS), and Ingenicomm, Inc.  To learn more about Ingenicomm, please visit their website at

To view the article published by the Gazette in Colorado Springs about BSTG’s acquisition of Ingenicomm, please visit