Information Assurance Security

When it comes to command and control systems, Braxton Technologies, LLC is one of the industry’s best because our software is integrated with vital information assurance security.

A big part of telemetry, tracking and control systems is the collection, processing, storage and transmission of data. Essentially, information assurance is the practice of ensuring that this data maintains its “integrity, authentication, confidentially and non-repudiation” as it’s collected and received.

However, Braxton doesn’t compromise accessibility for comprehensive security. Information needs to be shared, accurate and effectively communicated—but also protected at the same time. In wartimes, this is a challenging but vital part of any mission.  It’s our goal to ensure that your information is accessible to multiple entities, but protected from enemies and adversaries.

Our information assurance security measures are present in both physical and electronic forms. They apply to data in transit from, as well as data at rest and stored in a special facility.

Effective and dependable information assurance technology is fully incorporated into all of our products and systems.  We understand the importance of security, especially because we work with government satellites and defense entities.

We also work to develop software for United States Air Force commands in both Colorado Springs and Los Angeles. We provide both commands with GPS, military satellite communications and space-based infrared systems.

From command and ground control systems, to tracking and telemetry functions, critical data and information exchange, we mitigate all the risks that are associated with the transmission and sharing of information.

As part of our commitment to information assurance security, we have also acquired Net-Centric Design Professionals, an engineering company specializing in cyber security, information assurance, and systems integration, to work as a Braxton subsidiary.

For more information about any of our services or products, call 719-219-7460 or send us an email.


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