Ground Control System

Are you looking for a ground control system that gives you support and control during complex mission objectives for satellite constellations and unmanned aerial vehicle operations?

Braxton’s product suite creates a ground control system that provides complete and efficient hands-on control for out-of-reach aerial technology.

From front-end communications processors and crypto controllers to Windows-based user workstations, command planning and telecommanding, Braxton has exactly what you need.

ACE Premier™, our command and control product suite, includes:

  • ControlPoint™ (AceCPW) which provides complete command, control, and telemetry functionality for weapons and ground systems and for single, formation and constellation satellites. This software gives flight operators, mission controllers, testers, and trainers all the tools they need for maintenance, and day-to-day operations. This system also provides role management, simplified displays, Windows-based workstations, and common operating picture software.
  • Command Plan Builder (AceCPB) allows for the creation of unique mission command plans for manual or automated satellite command. Command plans can be executed manually, through human control, or automatically, based on a schedule- or event-driven initiation. ControlPoint™ executes the command plans created by the Command Builder.


  • Command, Control, and Tracking (AceCCT) is the heart of the ground control system and, in addition to providing control and command functions, delivers error and system status logging capabilities, antenna pointing and tracking services through both local and remote ground stations.

All of our products can be customized and delivered to suit your specific mission needs. The architecture of our control systems follows an open source software standard, which allows our products to be rapidly integrated into large-scale systems.

If you’re looking for more than a turnkey system, however, we also offer rapid prototyping services for unique mission-specific applications and software not currently being sold on the .

For more information, visit our products page or give one of our sales representatives a call today at 719-219-7460.


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