Command and Control Systems

Efficient and intelligent command and control systems are essential for successful satellite and unmanned aerial operations.

Without command and control systems, it would be impossible for civil, government and commercial flight operators, mission controllers, trainers and testers to carry out the enormous task of monitoring, operating, and commanding advanced aerial technology that they can’t physically see or touch.

Braxton’s command and control systems mitigate the obstacles of distance by streamlining front-end communications and providing command planning, telecommanding, crypto control, and Windows-based user workstations.

These functions, included in Braxton’s ACE Premier™ command and control systems product suite, . The suite offers pre- and post-launch mission planning, and telemetry, tracking and commanding functions. As it relates to satellite constellations, mission planning includes orbit and attitude determination and prediction, plus attitude maneuver planning.

Our tracking and commanding operations include the processing, logging, recording, storage, and access of data; database maintenance; monitoring; vehicle commanding; status reporting, and scheduling functions.  Auxiliary functions also include internal and external satellite system simulation for satellite testing, training, and rehearsal activities.

Part of the suite, our ControlPoint™ software, provides complete command, control, and telemetry capabilities for ground and weapons systems and different types of satellite operations. This software works with our Command Plan Builder for either automatic or manual execution of mission plans that are formalized and created in the Builder.

Combining the features of three Braxton products, the Front-End Command and Control Communications Processing (AceCTK) software is the backbone of ACE Premier™ and its front-end communications processor. The hardware converts and formats commonly used output command streams, accepts multiple input telemetry streams and controls synchronous telemetry data inverters. For more information on how this command and control communications system works, view the AceCTK product page.

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