Command and Control Systems and Software

Braxton Technologies, LLC specializes in command control systems and software for unmanned spacecraft, including satellites.

We’re a top choice for government, civil and commercial clients because we offer a range of comprehensive products designed to help you protect, control, and monitor your multimillion dollar assets. We understand that these types of spacecraft often play a big role in important and expensive aerial operations.

Flight operators, mission controllers, trainers and testers face the enormous task of operating very advanced piece of equipment from hundreds of miles away.  We understand that much of this equipment is involved in missions that require collaboration, accessibility and security.  Braxton meets all these needs and more with our product suite of command control systems and software.

At Braxton, we also have many clients who have mission needs that that are so unique and specific that the software needed is simply just not on the market.  We meet the needs of these clients by providing rapid pro-typing services to develop a customized product that will work for you.  Turnkey software designs are also available, meaning you the option of interfacing an already existing system with new software.

Our Command Plan Builder offers pre- and post-launch mission planning and deployment. We also have a series of comprehensive telemetry software, which is used to monitor the condition and satellite status through data processing, storage and collection. When it comes to tracking and commanding needs, we have a whole satellite ground systems ACE Premier product suite that offers front-end communications processing, crypto control, command planning, and telecommanding.

As a supporting feature of ACE Premier, we also offer simulation products designed to test ground systems. These products allow operators to perform rapid mission training and trial runs that allow you to reduce cost and technical performance risk without requiring high-demand flight testing.

For more information about our comprehensive list of command control systems and software, give one of customer service representatives a call today at 719-219-7460.


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