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Cross-Domain Data Dissemination

The military decision-making process depends on reliable and timely data transmissions between field operations and associated command centers.  Braxton delivers cross-domain solutions based on open industry standards using an enterprise message bus architecture, SOA, and XML technologies. Braxton utilizes a broad set of net-centric services in a cross-domain environment, providing advanced situational awareness within a complex command and control environment.

What is Cross-Domain Data Dissemination?

Cross-Domain Data Dissemination supports the sharing of information, with user access controls based on user roles, user access credentials, and full object labeling. A fielded system using Cross-Domain Data Dissemination provides enterprise level services that ingest information from many sources, at multiple classification levels, and with varied levels of access authorization. This information may be entered into the system by various methods, including live feeds, manual feeds, and web-based forms. The enterprise services normalize and summarize the data and provide specific access to details of the data based on the user’s clearance and authorized role.

A universal operational picture of the system is supported through the integration of standard user interface services. The services allow the user to access the information through browser-based thin clients, Google Earth clients, and other standards-based and custom client interfaces.

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ACE Premier™ Flight Dynamics System provides the capability for satellite engineers and operators to manage orbit, attitude, and other critical spacecraft characteristics.

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Intelsat General To Study Commercialization of Satellite Control Network For USAF

January 23, 2015 – Intelsat General Corp. is one of four companies awarded a contract by the U.S. Air Force (USAF) to study the viability of using commercial facilities and operations expertise for the tracking, telemetry and command (TT&C) of government satellites. 

The goal of the contract, known as the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) Commercial Provisioning study, is to provide USAF Space Command with a detailed plan for leveraging commercial TT&C facilities and capabilities to substantially reduce operations and maintenance costs while enabling the government to meet national security space objectives and warfighter operational needs. 


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Colorado Springs tech company grows again with Philly-area acquisition

By Wayne Heilman

Braxton Science & Technology Group has acquired Gnostech, a 75-employee engineering and consulting company based in the Philadelphia area. It's the second in a series of acquisitions the Colorado Springs-based aerospace firm hopes to make over the next few years.